About Us

Little Feet, where joyful little feet step into a world of discovery & imagination.

LittleFeet_BirdOur primary goal at Little Feet is simple and straightforward:  inspire a love for learning within a caring community of friends.

School is one of your child’s first experiences with community.  Our Little Feet program is designed to support global ideas of tolerance, open-minded principles and inclusive communication.  Through a hands-on, non-competitive learning environment and a progressive curriculum which emphasizes natural science and global awareness, we strive to partner with parents in building a strong ethical, empathic and socially aware foundation.

Most closely aligned to the Bank Street educational model, Little Feet strives to nurture the whole child, in all their magical components.

While our curriculum is designed to prepare our friends for their journey to kindergarten, we never forget that play, exploration & discovery are where valuable learning truly takes place in early childhood.