Our Classes

Update September 2021:

With health protocols in place, we have returned to our traditional schedule for the 2021-2022 school year.  Classes for this current school year are full.

Please feel free to reach out to Patty at [email protected] regarding inquiries for future enrollment.Thank you.

SOCIAL PLAY: Little Kids Class (2-Year-Olds)

9AM to 11:30AM
Tuesday & Thursday

LittleFeet_SpaceshipLittle Feet for Little Kids offers a warm, cozy, secure environment. Our high level of teacher involvement, guidance, and commitment is key as we introduce children to the world of friends and developing relationships with peers. We help children learn about playing together: taking turns, sharing, and cooperating. These skills become increasingly important in an environment that promotes a sense of joyfulness in being and playing together, especially at this time when play begins to shift from parallel to interactive play.

Little Feet for Little Kids introduces the experience of being part of a group: waiting for a turn, sharing, and acclimating to a higher level of noise and activity. Children are given the opportunity to explore new experiences within a gentle but structured daily routine that builds familiarity and security.

The routine is carefully organized to alternate activities that encourage quiet attention with those that reflect a two-year-old’s need to be in motion. The year is structured by themes that relate to the world and interests of a two-year-old: the seasons, friends, animals, ourselves and our bodies, the world of color, and more. The daily routine is structured between free-choice play and carpet activities, both of which include activities that reflect our current theme.

Little Feet for Little Kids is a fun-packed program where two-year-olds can play and grow, on their own and with their friends!

PRESCHOOL: Medium Kids Class (3-Year-Olds)

9AM to 11:30am
Monday, Wednesday & Friday

LittleFeet_FarmWalkLittle Feet Preschool for Medium Kids is a fun-filled enrichment program which fosters an early love for learning while guiding the children socially during this important period of transition from parallel to interactive play. Developing caring relationships with peers through play is an important aspect of our Medium Kids program.

At Little Feet, there is an ever present focus on how to be a good friend and how to best take care of one’s friends. Teachers are involved, planting positive suggestions about taking turns, sharing, cooperating, and, if conflict does arise, introducing the words and tools needed to aid resolution.

The 2.5-hour program features circle time, center based tabletop activities, song & story times, outside playtime (weather permitting), and free choice play in either the exercise room, the sensory room or the imaginative play area.  At least one teacher from the Little Kid program works with this class as well, providing a deep sense of continuity and comfort for the children. 

The arts & crafts area allows children to explore a wide variety of materials as they engage themselves in the process of creating art. Materials change on a regular basis and many are related to the current theme.

During carpet time, we see what the Mystery Bag has in store for us. It’s always filled with theme-related props, as we learn to be detectives and explore the world of senses, seasons, or maybe outer space. We’ll climb aboard our lumpy-bumpy jeeps and set off on safari, learning about animals along the way. These adventures and fun-filled journeys encourage learning as discovery.

Little Feet for Medium Kids is a fun-filled adventure where three year olds journey with their friends on the path of learning as discovery.

PRESCHOOL: Big Kids Class (4-Year-Olds)

12PM to 2:55Pm
Monday THROUGH Thursday

LittleFeet_BlocksLittle Feet Preschool for Big Kids is a four-day enrichment program where learning is encouraged as an exciting, interactive, hands-on process of discovery. Continuing the journey begun in our Medium Kids group, children travel further, explore more thoroughly, and make bigger discoveries on their adventures into learning. By enrolling this class with children eligible for kindergarten the following Fall, our friends enjoy the benefit of an age-individualized program, featuring rich detail & creative complexity. One teacher from the Medium Kids class joins this group each year to further the feeling of continuity and comfort of the Medium Kid year.

Teachers continue to encourage the children in their efforts to resolve conflicts that might arise, helping them to: stop and identify the problem, try on some friendlier words and behaviors, brainstorm new ideas, negotiate a solution that can work for everyone involved, and to remember the importance of friends and friendship.

While the day’s structure is similar to that of the Medium Kids, specific additions to and changes in the Big Kids program focus on fine tuning readiness skills and preparing children for a successful transition to kindergarten. The center-based tables feature activities and tasks geared specifically toward strengthening the skills necessary for a positive kindergarten experience. A high level of teacher focus helps each child feel comfortable and stay on track as they continue to practice and work towards mastery of skills (visual/auditory discrimination and memory, eye-hand coordination, pre-reading and math: sequencing, associations, patterns and more). Additionally, as in our other programs, here the children will have access to various art materials for creative expression and exploration with particular focus on art in the springtime when the children learn a bit of art history and prepare their Big Kid Art Show for the parents.

Our Carpet adventure becomes more involved, more detailed, and more interactive this Big Kid year. Adventure time is always a time for exploring and discovering together as we set off on journeys of imagination with all our friends.

Games and activities which provide a beginning foundation in phonics and math are employed to strengthen pre-reading and math skills while introducing the children to the world of written language through the understanding of sounds, numbers, and the symbols used to represent them. Working on letter and sound recognition begins to build the skills necessary for putting language on paper and reading.

Little Feet for Big Kids is where four and five year olds can join their companions and travel on flights of imagination and exploration…making their way toward great discoveries!