Parent Resources

Looking to our Little Feet community, our Hudson Valley community, as well as our national/international community, we often find lovely resources for families.  Below are some recommended ones we’d like to share.

Additionally, we have an extensive Little Feet Lending Library for families, including parenting books along with a preschool collection featuring topics such as new baby, grief, illness, divorce, disabilities and gender identity. For older children, we have the O’Connor collection featuring topics such as race, human rights, equality and peace. Please let us know if you would like to check out our titles for loan.

Parenting - "Empowering Solo Moms Everywhere”

Moving beyond stereotypes, ESME offers Solo Moms inspiration, resources, allies, opportunities for creative expression, and some laughs along the way.

Parenting on the Fly - New podcast by Little Feet parent.

Every week, Little Feet parent Nacia Walsh  (writer, improv junkie, doula and mom of 4) talks to some of the most raw, hysterical, and fearless kid raisers she knows. Because the truth is, we’re all just winging it.

Early Childhood
The Inspired Treehouse - Tips to conquer common developmental roadblocks.

With a little help, kids can build strong, healthy bodies and minds through play.  Pediatric occupational and physical therapists offer easy-to implement activities that are designed to promote all kinds of developmental skills for kids.

Teacher Tom - A preschool teacher’s helpful insights.

Early childhood educator, blogger, speaker, artist and author Tom Hobson regularly offers suggestions on maximizing learning moments.

Hudson Valley
Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum - The ideal local destination for families with little ones.

With exhibits that focus on early literacy, art, early STEM, health and the local community, the museum welcomes over 70,000 visitors each year and provides an educationally rich environment through which children have the opportunity to develop foundational skills, to engage in purposeful play, and to develop interpersonal connections.